Fix Samsung tv turning off and on by itself

Fix Samsung tv turning off and on by itself – You can get everything you need in a single device with smart gadgets. Most smart gadgets allow for personalization, remote monitoring, and other functions. However, these gadgets have their drawbacks. These vulnerabilities might lead your TV to keep turning itself off, for example.

It might be frustrating if your Samsung TV keeps shutting off for no apparent reason. There might be some causes for this. Listed here are ten potential causes and corresponding fixes for a Samsung TV that won’t shut off.

Fix Samsung tv turning off and on by itself

Fix Samsung tv turning off and on by itself

What’s the problem with my Samsung TV, and how can I fix it?

The most typical reason for your Samsung TV to shut down is a problem with the TV settings or connecting external devices. However, we’ll examine ten alternative theories and solutions that aren’t common.

No longer being maintained computer software

In most cases, most individuals do not know that their television’s software has to be upgraded. A manual update is required if the software update is not scheduled to update automatically.

Your TV may be shutting itself off if you haven’t updated your TV software in a while. To fix this, take these steps:

  • Activate the television.
  • Activate the Preferences menu.
  • Make the Right Decision.
  • Update The time has come to make a decision.

Your network connection may make it take longer or shorter than 30 minutes to complete the update. Keeping the TV on while the update is taking place is a must. Damage to your Samsung TV may be more extensive if this happens. Keep your Samsung TV up to date by checking for updates regularly.

Fix Samsung tv turning off and on by itself

Plans for Ecological Solutions

You may have unintentionally enabled the eco-solutions feature on your Samsung TV. This feature saves energy by turning your Samsung TV off when there is no input for an extended length of time.

It is another reason why your Samsung TV keeps turning itself off. The solution is simple; follow the procedures below to turn it off:

  • Select General.
  • The Auto Power Off option should be selected.
  • The possibility of “off” should be chosen.

Now you know what’s causing your Samsung TV to keep switching off. If this isn’t the case, keep going; you’ll find it out soon enough.

Method 1: For 30 seconds, turn off the television.

Unplug the TV from the outlet for 30 seconds, then plug it back into a functional outlet. If you do this, the television will be re-calibrated after a “soft reset.”

Method 2: Check the settings on your television.

The Eco Solution’s configuration

The Eco Solution feature turns the TV off if no input is received for an extended period to save energy.

In the general settings, choose (General -> Auto Power Off -> Select Off) from the drop-down menu or (Settings -> General) from the menu.

  • Customizing Your Alarm Clock
  • After a certain period, the Sleep Timer shuts off the television.

(Sleep Timer -> Timer -> Select Off) (Settings -> General -> System Manager -> Time -> Sleep Timer -> Select Off).)

Software updates

  • (Settings -> Support -> Software Update) Please update now!

Method 3:  Check all of your cables again.

  • The power cables for external devices connected to your TV should be disconnected and then reconnected. A black screen may appear on your TV if the source to which it was connected goes out.
  • If there are no external devices connected to the TV, set the Sources to TV. Set your TV to “Source” from the “Settings” menu.

You should only use an HDMI cable tested and approved by HDMI. Uncertified HDMI cables may cause the screen to go black or cause a connection error:

Fix Samsung tv turning off and on by itself


Your Samsung TV may be turning itself off for the reasons outlined above. Check for settings and connection errors and try to repair those before looking into more complex issues.

Moreover, who knows what the future holds? Your Samsung TV may be switching off on its own because of a remote that’s buried couch. Ghostbusters may also be summoned at this point.

One other explanation for your TV’s frequent power failures is the deterioration of the motherboard.

The television’s motherboard controls everything that goes into and out of the television. If it fails, the television will also fail.

Often, the problem stems from faulty capacitors on the motherboard. During a lightning storm, the most likely cause of capacitor failure is the surge of energy. The best course of action is to either acquire a new motherboard or have the old one fixed.

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Fix Samsung tv turning off and on by itself FAQs

  • Why does my television switch on its own?

Answer – That question may seem amusing, but you’re probably not laughing if your television appears to have a life of its own. The good news is that resolving this issue is straightforward—as long as you can pinpoint the source of the problem.

  • Why is my Samsung TV turning on and off so frequently?

Answer – Your television may power cycle on its own for a variety of reasons. These are some of them:

  • Your TV remote’s power button is stuck.
  • A flaw in the program
  • Connections and wires that are faulty or loose
  • Unreliable internet access

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