Fix Google Drive Failed Forbidden Error

Fix Google Drive Failed Forbidden Error – Navigational issues are relatively common across all web browsers. We must, however, acknowledge that every error is the result of a bug or a technical problem.

At Techquack, we’ve made an effort to address the most common difficulties that users have across the most popular browsers. I will address the issue with Google Chrome’s file downloads in this post.

Fix Google Drive Failed Forbidden Error

The error is very inconvenient when you’re in a hurry and preparing to download a necessary file or other data. This problem may arise when trying to download new programmes, themes, extensions, or files with various attachments. The following is a list of the most common issues that affect Chrome browsers, along with a brief explanation of how to fix them.

Now I know how to fix “failed-forbidden” download disc issues. If you’re having trouble downloading files from Google Drive, here’s how to fix it quickly and easily. For now, I’ll show you a video demonstration and write an essay explaining how to resolve the “failed-forbidden” issue.

Fix Google Drive Failed Forbidden Error

How to Fix the Drive Error “Failed – Forbidden”

When downloading files from Google Drive, this error may occur for some reason. A slow internet connection, the file owner’s unwillingness to give you access, or permissions shared with another user might all be at blame for this. Follow these steps if you are experiencing the same problem, even if your internet connection is faster and you have been authorised full access to the files by the owner or you are the one who owns them.

  • Make sure you’re logged in using a reputable email address instead of using two or three.
  • There is no way to download anything if you have several Gmail accounts open simultaneously in your browser window.
  • The only account you should into is the one you used to download the files.
  • After connecting with a specific Gmail account, you won’t see the “failed – prohibited” warning while downloading disc files.

Google Drive’s Failed Forbidden Error Could Be Due To These Possible Factors

We need first to understand the different reasons for the problem that many Google Drive users have faced before proceeding with the solutions.

We discovered a few things that may lead to a predicament like this.

  • The data in a damaged file-

There is a good chance this is the root cause of your Google Drive download problem. Posting a corrupted file will harm many different aspects.

  • Concerns about safety –

If this cloud storage platform is worried about security, this may be why. Some protocols must be adhered to by the platform, and your access owns Google Drive account may be due to this.

  • Hardware acceleration glitch –

Your browser’s Hardware Acceleration function may be new to you. A minor browser problem or issue may cause Google Drive Failed Forbidden message. If this is the case, you may want to read more about it.

Fix Google Drive Failed Forbidden Error

Solution 1: Using the Incognito Browser Mode

Chrome’s “Incognito” mode, which prevents the browser from tracking your online activity, includes a few choices.

Solution 2: Disabling All Other Accounts

There may be a bug in Google Drive that limits the downloading of files when several people are logged in at the same time. Consequently, you should log out of all other accounts on the computer before trying to download the file from Google Drive.

Solution 3: Using a Shareable URL

This situation may be avoided by acquiring a URL that can be used to download the file in issue directly.

Solution 4: Disabled: Hardware Acceleration has been turned off.

According to reports, Google Drive downloads may be affected by the Hardware Acceleration feature. Because of this, we’re going to remove it from our system altogether.


Using Google Drive, you can save, share, and sync all of your data in one place. Several users reported being unable to access the files they’d uploaded because of an error. “Failed-Forbidden” errors are reported by users no matter what kind of file or web browser they are using. It’s not just a problem for one operating system.

It seems that a lack of actionable advice from experts has left the public to deal with this problem alone. User-suggested fixes, such as just using one account at a time, browsing in incognito mode, and re-logging in, worked for some users but not all.

This issue was brought to our notice in October of that year for the first time. Last but not least, a Google executive addressed the public on August 24, 2016.

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Fix Google Drive Failed Forbidden Error FAQs

  • What’s the matter with my Google download?

Answer – File-forbidden errors, also known as forbidden errors, indicate that you do not have permission to download the file from where it is hosted. I suggest contacting the website you are trying to download for additional help. Before downloading, make sure you don’t have to create an account on the website.

  • How do I know if my file has been “failed” or “forbidden?”

Answer – Your computer’s security settings prevented the file from being opened. Windows Attachment Manager may have deleted the file you attempted to download on Windows. Windows Internet security settings can reveal what files you can download and why a file was blocked.

  • What should I do now that a restricted download attempt has been aborted?

Answer – Launch the download manager by pressing Ctrl + J or selecting Downloads from the drop-down menu in your options. Go to Downloads > Resume and choose the failed file.

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